Epidemiology Unit

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Saramento County COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Total Cases
  • Deaths
  • Cases by Age Group
  • Map of Cases by Zip Code
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  Map of COVID-19 cases in Sacramento County by zip code of residence.

  Map is interactive. See Info icon on the map for more information.

       - Zip codes may not be determined for all cases at the time of mapping.
       - Zip codes with less than five cases are NOT included


The Epidemiology Unit conducts disease surveillance and, using these data, generates surveillance reports on the health of Sacramento County residents. These surveillance reports address a variety of topics, including infectious diseases, chronic diseases, injury, and vital statistics. These reports and other publications are provided below. If you have any questions about these reports, contact us by email at Epidemiology@SacCounty.net.

Visit Be Healthy Sacramento for public data on Sacramento County. This site provides a wealth of data on a variety of topics from education to health.



Health Status and Other Surveillance Reports

Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Reports and Publications