Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services Agency (SCEMSA)

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  9616 Micron Avenue, Suite 960 
Sacramento, CA  95827 
Phone: (916) 875-9753
Fax: (916) 854-9211
Directions to the EMS office


Public Office Hours
 Tuesday - Thursday
 8:00 am - 12:00 pm



SCEMSA will be limiting the number of paramedic applicants allowed to attend orientation in order to practice safe social distancing. Class sizes will be limited to 10 people and no accredited individuals will be allowed to attend for continuing education purposes.


Our mission is to deliver effective prehospital care to the residents of Sacramento County

by coordinating and maximizing resources.​ 

The Maddy EMS Funds, defined by statute, are intended to support local emergency medical services agencies, trauma services, uncompensated emergency care, and pediatric care services provided to patients who do not have health insurance coverage for emergency services and care, cannot afford to pay for those services, and for whom payment will not be made through any private coverage.

Sacramento County Physician Emergency Medical Services (PEMS) program is the County’s implementation for disbursement of the Maddy EMS Fund.

Please visit ​for information on registering and submitting claims. 

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