ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Care Committee


To advise and establish the standard of quality STEMI care to the Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services Agency (SCEMSA) Medical Director on the establishment of STEMI related policies, procedures, treatment protocols, education​​​, training, quality improvement and data collection issues.

California EMS Authority Title 22, Chapter 7.1-STEMI Critica Care System

STEMI Receiving Center (SRC) Application Packet:

STEMI Receiving Center Application Packet

Meeting Calendar: 

2019 STEMI Care Committee Calendar

Meeting Agenda:
October 28, 2019

Previous Meeting Agendas:

Juy 11, 2019
anuary 24, 2018

Documents to be Reviewed:

STEMI Critical Care Plan


STEMI Center Data Elements Spreadsheet

Sutter Roseville's STEMI Data Collection Tool
Sutter Roseville's STEMI Receiving Center (SRC) Data Requirements


Past Meeting Agendas:
September 13, 2018

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