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Sacramento County Oral Health Program

The Sacramento County Oral Health Program receives funding from the California State Department of Public Health through Proposition 56, the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act. As part of this grant, the Oral Health Program undertook a county-wide oral health needs assessment and has developed projects to support the California Oral Health Plan and the unique needs of county residents.

Preventive Oral Health Services

  • Tooth decay is widely recognized as the most common, yet preventable, chronic health condition experienced by children. Sacramento County Oral Health Program inventories schools in the county with access to school-based preventive oral health services, identifies gaps, and advocates for expansion of services including increased access to fluoridated drinking water.

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment

  • Tooth decay results in an untold number of missed school days each year. Children who are in pain cannot be successful students. Sacramento County Oral Health Program works with community partners to increase the number of school districts that report the results of the Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment into the System for California Oral Health Reporting (SCOHR) and to improve their ability to connect children identified as needing care to oral health services.

Common Risk Factors

  • Tobacco use and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages are common risk factors for preventable oral and chronic diseases. Sacramento County Oral Health Program is developing and delivering evidence-based training and resource materials for oral health professionals to assist clients in making healthy choices.

Oral Health Literacy

  • Sacramento County Oral Health Program collaborates with primary care providers, home visiting programs, and other chronic disease prevention programs to promote oral health education and oral disease prevention strategies for vulnerable and underserved populations identified in the oral health needs assessment report.

Sacramento County Public Health also receives funding from Proposition 56 for Dental Transformation Initiative projects related to improving access to dental care services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries aged 0-20.

For more information about the oral health needs assessment, Dental Transformation Initiative projects, or for assistance in finding insurance coverage, see the links below. 

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