Disaster Service Worker Training Video

Video Training for Public Employees

Your Role as a Disaster Service Worker


One of the highest priorities for all public employees is to assist in the responsibility of preserving life and property of the residents of our county.  Under California law, all public employees are Disaster Service Workers and may be called upon in the event of a disaster.  The roles and responsibilities for Disaster Service Workers are authorized by the California Emergency Services Act and are defined in the California Government Code 3100-3102; Labor Code 3211.92(b). 

In addition to our everyday duties, we have an added responsibility to help in a declared disaster.  As disaster service workers, it is important to be assured that your family members are safe and secure.  The best way to have this assurance is to be prepared for any emergency by having a personal/family emergency plan in place before an emergency or disaster strikes. 

The following video provides a general overview of duties and responsibilities as a Disaster Service Worker.  Please view the video and then complete the form below.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about your role as a Disaster Service Worker. 

 Disaster Service Worker Training Video