Online Education

As a WIC participant, you will have the opportunity to learn about nutrition and healthy eating when you come to WIC classes. Some of these classes can now be completed online at your convenience. For busy families, this can mean fewer trips to the WIC office. Please ask your WIC counselor if you are eligible for this option.

If you were offered online education at a recent appointment, follow these simple directions to complete your class.

  1. Go to the website WICHealth
  2. If you are new to wichealth, select the option "start here."
  3. Follow the directions to Create a New Account and set up your profile
  4. Choose a lesson from one of the five categories.
  5. Complete the lesson.
  6. Fill out the survey. In the box for WIC client, be sure to type your name, not your child's name.
  7. Choose the option to e-mail your certificate.

Here's what you need to login:

WIC Agency:    Sacramento County
Clinic:             This is where you fill in the name of your clinic (for example, Grand Avenue or Oak Park)
Family ID:       This is the number on the front of your WIC folder