2012 Medi-Cal Managed Care Advisory Committee

This page contains Agendas, Minutes, and other related items from 2012 meetings. 

10/22/2012 | DHA Eligibility Process (PowerPoint Presentation)
09/24/2012 | Healthcare Disparities (PowerPoint Presentation)
08/28/2012 | The Effort  (PowerPoint Presentation)
08/28/2012 | Health And Life Organization (HALO)  (PowerPoint Presentation)
07/30/2012 | SynerMed/EHS  (PowerPoint Presentation)
07/30/2012 | River City Medical Group  (PowerPoint Presentation)
07/30/2012 | Hill Physicians Medical Group  (PowerPoint Presentation)

Additional Resources and Materials

 California HealthCare Foundation
   In Transit: Mandatory Managed Care for Medi-Cal Seniors and People with Disabilities 
   A First Look: Mandatory Enrollment of Medi-Cal's Seniors and People with Disabilities into Managed Care
    Raising the Bar: How Medi-Cal Strengthened Managed Care Contracts for People with Disabilities
■ Health Care Options Presentation|06/01/2012 
California HealthCare Foundation: Medi-Cal at a Crossroads|06/01/2012
■ Community Based Adult Services (CBAS) / Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) Transition