Policy and Procedure Manual

​This Policy & Procedure Manual provides a record of policy decisions and administrative and clinical procedures to guide the provision of behavioral health services administered by Sacramento County staff and contracted service providers.  The Behavioral Health Services Director reserves the right to change, modify, or supersede any of the policies and procedures at any time. 
Note: Policies and Procedures created by/for the Division of Behavioral Health Services (BHS) as part of the Department of Health and Human Services are still applicable to ​BHS as a division of the reorganized Department of Health Services.
For additional information regarding policies and procedures, please contact your program coordinator or send an email to hhs-bhs@saccounty.net
Cultural Competence and Ethnic Services (CCES)
CCES 01-02 Procedure for Access to Interpreter 
Mental Health (MH)
MH 02-01 Contract Advance
MH 02-05 Quarterly Reports
MH 02-08 Definitions of Common Terms Used in the Service Contracts
MH 02-10 Leased Vehicles
MH 02-12 Corrective Action Plan
MH 02-20 Family Advocate/Partner
MH 02-21 Youth Advocate​ 
MH 03-07 Bi-Directional Referral Process: Whole Person Care
     MH 03-07 Attachment A: Community Support Team Referral Form for Sacramento Covered Pathways to Health
MH 03-08 Bi-Directional Managed Care Plan Referral Process
MH 04-01 Levels of Care
     MH 04-01 Attachment A - Service Grid and Intensity
MH 4-02 Multi-Agency Collaboration Agreement
MH 04-03 Subacute Placement Referrals
MH 04-06 Crisis Residential Referral and Admission 
MH 04-09 Use of Wraparound Funds
MH 04-07 Enrollment of Youth in the Wraparound Program
     MH 04-07 Attachment A: Wraparound Referral Form
     MH 04-07 Attachment B: Sacramento County Wraparound Program Payment and Termination Notice Form SC123X
     MH 04-07 Attachment C: Wraparound Reimbursement Rate
     MH 04-07 Attachment D: Wraparound Exception Request
MH 04-11 Prevention Assistance & Rapid Re-Housing
     MH 04-11 Attachment A: Rent Reasonableness Checklist Certification
MH 05-01 ECT Authorization for Adults
MH Access 02-01 Mental Health Plan's After Hours Response ​         

Quality Management (QM)

QM 00-01 Uniform Method of Determining Ability to Pay (UMDAP)
QM 00-03 AVATAR Account Management and Password Protection
QM 00-04 Use of AVATAR Billable and Non-Billable Codes
QM 00-05 Pharmaceutical Company Representatives
QM 00-06 Medication Support Staff Electronic Documentation Requirements
QM 00-07 AVATAR Document Management for Clinical Records
QM 00-08 Deletion of Open & Closed Charges
QM 00-09 Client and Family Billing
QM 00-10 Division of Behavioral Health - Telepsychiatry
QM 01-03 Interpretation Services by Family Members
QM 01-07 Determination for Medical Necessity and Target Population
QM 01-08 Inpatient Hospitalization Treatment Authorization Requests
QM 02-01 Notices of Action  
QM 03-01 Problem Resolution
QM 03-04 Nurse Practitioner
QM 03-05 Advance Medical Directive
QM 03-06 Licensure Waiver and Monitoring of Accrued Supervised Hours
QM 03-07 Staff Registration
QM 03-08 Problem Resolution Forms and Brochures Distribution
QM 03-09 Physician Assistant
QM 03-10 Conlan vs. Bonta Claims
QM 03-11 Video and Audio Recordings of Consumers
QM 03-12 Incident Reporting and Breach Notification of Protected Health Information
QM 03-13 License Differential
QM 04-01 Site Certification of Provider Physical Plant
QM 05-01 Credentialing Policy for Network Providers
QM 05-02 Credentialing Policy for Organizational Providers and County Mental Health Programs
QM 05-03 5150 Welfare & Institutions Code Certification & Designation
QM 05-04 Instructions for Completion of Day Program Attendance Sheet 
QM 07-02 Medication Monitoring
QM 07-03 Dispensing “Sample” Medications
QM 07-05 Vital Sign Training for Unlicensed Staff
QM 09-01 Adverse Incident Reports
QM 09-03 Continuing Education Requirements
QM 09-05 Electronic Utilization Review Quality Assurance Activities
QM 10-23 Out of County Authorization, Documentation and Billing Procedure 
QM 10-25 Health Questionnaire (Adult/Children/Youth)
QM 10-26 Core Assessment (Mental Health)
QM 10-27 Client Plan 
QM 10-28 Discharge Process 
QM 10-29 Mental Status Exam
QM 10-30 Progress Notes (Mental Health) 
QM 10-31 Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Assessment Standards 
QM 10-32 Informed Consent for Psychotropic Medication
QM 14-01 Review Process for Implementation of New Clinical Practices
QM 20-01 DBHS Claims Certification and Program Integrity
QM 20-02 Excluded Individuals/Entities
QM 20-03 Deficit Reduction Act False Claims Recovery
QM 20-04 Network Adequacy Reporting and Monitoring
QM 41-01 Division of Behavioral Health Services Compliance Program
QM 41-03 Division of Behavioral Health Services Code of Conduct
QM 42-01 Division of Behavioral Health Services Compliance Officer
QM 42-02 Division of Behavioral Health Services Compliance Committee
QM 44-01 Division of Behavioral Health Services Issue Reporting