MHSA Steering Committee Current Members

Slot Stakeholder Group Appointed By: Name Alternate
1Mental Health Board*Mental Health BoardBrad Lueth
Laura Bemis
2Mental Health DirectorDivision of Behavioral Health Services DirectorRyan QuistEJane Ann Zakhary
3Service Provider - ChildrenAssociation of Mental Health ContractorsLaurie Clothier Mary Sheppard
4Service Provider - Adults Association of Mental Health ContractorsErin Johansen(vacant)
5Service Provider - Older AdultsAssociation of Mental Health ContractorsGenelle Cazares (vacant)
6Law Enforcement Criminal Justice CabinetRonald Briggs
7Senior and Adult Services Department of Child and Family Services Director
Ruth MacKenzie
Heidi Richardson
8Education Sacramento County Office of EducationChristopher Williams Brent Malicote
9Department of Human Assistance Department of Human Assistance DirectorEduardo AmeneyroJulie Field
10Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Division of Behavioral Health Services DirectorLori MillerAndrew Mendonsa
11Cultural Competence Cultural Competence CommitteeKoby RodriguezEOlivia Garcia
12Child Welfare
Department of Child and Family Services DirectorMichelle CallejasMelissa Lloyd
13Primary ​Health Department of Health Services Director
14Public Health
Division of Public Health Services Direct​or
Olivia Kasirye
Staci Syas​
Juvenile Court
Presiding JudgeJerilyn BorackShelby Wineinger
Probation Chief of ProbationShaunda CruzBrandi Curry
Veterans Rochelle Arnold (vacant)
​Consumer - TAY 6-member panel Arushi Mishra (vacant)​
​Consumer - TAY 6-member panel
Karly Mathews
​Hafsa Hamdani
​Consumer - Adult 6-member panelGretchen BushnellBrenna Lin
​Consumer - Adult 6-member panelLeslie NapperEChezia Tarleton
​Consumer - Older Adult 6-member panelKaren Cameron(vacant)
​Consumer - Older Adult 6-member panel
Sharon Jennings
​Family Member/Caregiver
of Child age 0-17
6-member panelEbony Chambers**E ​(vacant)
​​Family Member/Caregiver
of Child age 0-17
6-member panelCrystal Harding ​(vacant)
​​Family Member/Caregiver
of Adult age 18-59
6-member panelSusan McCreaS​​Ellen S. King
​​Family Member/Caregiver
of Adult age 18-59
6-member panelRyan McClintonE
Diana Burdick​
​​Family Member/Caregiver
of Older Adult age 60+
6-member panel Noel Mora ​(vacant)
​​Family Member/Caregiver
of Older Adult age 60+
6-member panelAnatoliy Gridyushko ​(vacant)
Consumer/​​Family Member
6-member panelDaniela Guarnizo**E Evin Johnson
* Mental Health Board member will also be a Consumer/Family Member
** Co-Chair
E Member of the Executive Committee of the MHSA Steering Committee
S Spirituality representative
NOTE: Alternates for Consumer and Family Member representatives can fill in for any absent Consumer or Family member.